Altierre Corporation
San Jose, CA

Altierre is developing wireless business solutions for consumer retail chains that dramatically reduce operational costs and improve revenue generation. The company enhances the “edge of the shelf” shopping interface through automated and dynamic pricing adjustments, improving accuracy and efficiency for name-brand supermarkets.

Carsala, Inc.
Berkeley , CA

Carsala helps people get great deals on used cars using proprietary technology that targets the dealers most willing to give a low price. Carsala is not just a tool or listing site, it’s a complete service.

Delve Networks
Seattle, WA
(merged with Limelight August 2010)

Delve networks, formerly known as Pluggd, is a podcast directory with an audio search engine that can search audio clips for keywords, using speech-recognition technology.

EoPlex Technologies, Inc.
Redwood City, CA

EoPlex designs and produces unique components using custom printing equipment and proprietary “inks” that carry ceramic, metallic or polymer materials to millions of locations.  Components can be manufactured from multiple materials in the same part and internal features like chambers, channels, sensors, circuits, reactors, energy scavengers and even moving elements. Large volumes of complex 3-D parts are created simultaneously at low cost.  The EoPlex process gives customers new design flexibility to meet market needs at low cost.

Mountain View, CA

Infoaxe is the next generation Search Engine searching a very different kind of Web.

Integrated Materials Incorporated
San Jose, CA
(Acquired by Ferrotec August 2010)

Integrated Materials Incorporated manufacturers All-Silicon products used in diffusion and RTP thermal processes for the semiconductor industry.

Integrated Photovoltaics
Sunnyvale , CA

Integrated Photovoltaics is a solar technology company.

Marrone Bio Innovations
Davis, CA

Marrone Bio Innovations discovers, develops and markets effective and environmentally responsible natural products that focus on unmet needs for weed, pest and plant disease management.

MeeVee, Inc.
Burlingame, CA
(Acquired by BroadWebAsia, Inc. and LiveVideo, Inc.)

MeeVee is the premier developer of personalized search and recommendation engines for television programming. MeeVee helps consumers search for, find and watch TV in an easier, smarter, and more efficient way.

Meteor Solutions

Meteor is the first effective word-of-mouth marketing solution for advertisers, publishers, and agencies. Use Meteor technology to measure, buy and optimize word-of-mouth traffic with the precision of paid media.

Mi5 Networks
Sunnyvale, CA
(Acquired by Symantec Corporation March 2009)

Mi5 Networks enables organizations to defend their web perimeter. The company’s Webgate security appliances protect organizations against web-based threats, including malicious URLs, spyware, crimeware, botnets and viruses while providing control over web use. Mi5 helps eliminate lost employee productivity, PC clean-up costs, and data theft associated with undetected malware.

Santa Clara, CA

Mixbook is an online tool that allows friends to collaborate and create pages for a book, then put them all together to create one publication. Layouts and backgrounds can be put together with images and text to create these books that can be both printed and viewed online.

Pandora Media, Inc.
Oakland, CA

Pandora provides music navigation and recommendation software in which the search is based on the music itself and driven entirely by the unique tastes of each individual.

Phonezoo Communications, Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA

Phonezoo helps people create custom ringtones and send them to their phone for free. This easy-to-use service enables users to turn their audio content into personalized ringtones, and offers a community where people can create, discuss and share user-generated content for mobile devices.

PlayPhone, Inc.
San Jose , CA

PlayPhone is a leading global media company present in over 20 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America that provides cutting edge personalization and entertainment content to mobile consumers in the form of ringtones, mobile games and much more.

Podaddies, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

Podaddies provides technology and services that empower marketers and agencies, video publishers and video consumers to work together successfully and profitably.

Reveal Technology, Inc.

Reveal provides powerful, easy to use, secure, peer to peer distributed computing capabilities for enterprise work groups to share PDFs, Word, PP, Excel, and email attachments increasing work productivity.

Rocket Fuel, Inc.

Rocket Fuel provides the first intelligent ad serving technology platform that combines the best of social, behavioral, contextual, geographical, search and other data sources to understand consumer interest and intent.

Shotspotter, Inc.
Santa Clara , CA

ShotSpotter is the world leader in Gunshot Location Systems and Technologies. ShotSpotter’s flagship product detects and locates gunfire in urban areas, helping law-enforcement officers rapidly respond to a shooting without waiting for it to be reported.

Santa Clara , CA
(Acquired by MEMC May 2010)

Solaicx is making solar electricity cost effective. Solaicx is developing breakthrough manufacturing technology yielding low-cost, high-efficiency silicon wafers for the photovoltaic (PV) industry.  

Santa Monica , CA

Transpera provides the industry’s first comprehensive platform for monetizing Web videos on mobile phones.  The company's award winning mobile video delivery and advertising platform provides online content owners, network operators and advertisers with a turnkey solution that connects all the necessary pieces involved in successful and profitable mobile video deployments.  

Traverse Networks Incorporated
Fremont, CA
(Acquired by Avaya, Inc. (NYSE: AV), Nov. 2006)

Traverse Networks develops software and services that provide a single, integrated user experience while interconnecting the networks, operational support systems and business support systems of wireline, wireless, cable and VoIP operators and enterprises.

Ultriva, Inc.
San Jose, CA

Ultriva, formerly known as eBots, has long been a pioneer in Lean Manufacturing.  eBots is a leader in Electronic Kanban solutions, live in over 70 plants around the world managing over 1,000 suppliers and $800 million in inventory.

Ustream, Inc.
San Francisco, CA

Ustream is the leader in live video that empowers any individual, public figure or brand to stream to a global audience of unlimited size.  Ustream offers free broadcasting and viewing platforms for the Web and mobile devices.

Wiredbenefits, Inc.
San Mateo, CA

Wiredbenefits is a marketplace platform for tax effective employee benefits administration and distribution.

Yardbarker, Inc.
Berkeley, CA

Yardbarker is a social news site focused on sports. There are no editors, just sports fans. Users submit links to the best sports content from around the web. It's sports media by the fans, for the fans.