New York, NY
(Acquired by The New York Times Co., March 2001)

Founded in 1996, Abuzz was the creator of Beehive, a knowledge management tool that enabled people with questions to find people with answers across organizations using email.

Internet Devices, Inc.
San Jose, CA
(Acquired by Alcatel, Aug. 1999)

Internet Devices, now part of the Internetworking Division of Alcatel, addresses global business issues by delivering policy-based network products that enable corporations to manage and protect information across any network.

Bizfinity, Inc.
Cupertino, CA

Formerly Modulus Software, Bizfinity offers a better way to run your business using the Internet, enabling you to focus on your core business, instead of complicated systems, software, and processes.

Atlanta, GA
(Acquired by CareData.com, Dec. 2001)

Caredata.com (NASDAQ/NM: CDCM) is a leading online syndicator of healthcare content, data and applications to a wide range of Internet portals, e-commerce sites and healthcare organizations.

Digital Impact, Inc.
San Mateo, CA

Digital Impact personalizes email marketing to help companies increase the lifetime value of their online customers. By tailoring email content and format based on each customer's preferences and profiles, Digital Impact generates measurable results for its clients.

RightPoint Software, Inc.
San Mateo, CA
(Acquired by E.piphany, April 2000)

E.piphany (Nasdaq: EPNY) is a leading provider of intelligent customer interaction software for the customer economy, incorporating a single enterprise-wide view of the customer across all touch points to cement customer loyalties and drive profitability.

Four11 Corp.
Menlo Park, CA
(Acquired by Yahoo!, Jan. 1998)

Internet email directory service.

Mountainview, CA
(Acquired by Microsoft, Feb. 1998)

Hotmail is a free web-based email.

New York, NY
(Acquired by Verso Technologies, Nov. 2000)

MessageClick, Inc. is a leading provider of Internet-based unified communications and outsourced faxing services to a broad range of corporations, telephone companies, cable operators and major ISPs.

Convoy Corp.
Lafayette, CA
(Acquired by NEON, Oct. 1999)

NEON develops and markets e-business products and services that integrate Web-based applications with a company's core operational systems.

NewMarkets International
San Mateo, CA

NewMarkets International enables companies, banks and trading partners to conduct international commerce in a cost-effective manner, by delivering foreign exchange services, multi-currency pricing and settlement functions through leading-edge technology.

OpenGrid, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA

With OpenGrid Intelligent Wireless Services™ (IWS), you can be sure that your mobile customers are getting the most advanced wireless features—features other wireless enablers haven’t even thought of yet.

Sonic Innovations, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT

SONIC innovations was founded to develop, manufacture and market superior digital hearing aids.

Global Cast
Los Altos, CA
(Acquired by Talarian, March 2001)

Talarian has been a leading provider of real-time infrastructure software. Talarian products power some of the global economy's most vital networks, including those of Boeing, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco and the New York Stock Exchange.

Visto Corporation
Mountainview, CA

Visto Corporation is dedicated to providing busy individuals and wired families with anywhere, anytime access to personal information and communications on the web.

Vivid Semiconductor
Chandler, AZ
(Acquired by National Semiconductor, Jan. 2001)

Vivid provides mixed signal IC solutions for flat panel displays.