FamilyPoint, Inc.
New York, NY
(Acquired by iVillage, Inc., Feb. 2000)

Your family's meeting place on the web! Share news, photos, calendar events, a chat room, e-mail, leave messages and much, much more!


Homeportfolio, Inc.
Newton, MA

HomePortfolioTM is the leading Internet destination for premium home design products. The site presents a rich, easy-to-navigate editorial selection of top-of-the-line and hard-to-find products and directs you to your nearest retailers. It's the fastest, easiest way to find the products you want for your home.


Redwood City, CA
(Acquired by Cisco, August 2000)

infoGear provided software and content for consumer-oriented Internet-access devices.


iSyndicate, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
(Acquired by YellowBrix, August 2001)

YellowBrix, the industry's leading provider of content infrastructure solutions, announced it would purchase iSyndicate. The combined entity is now the largest global provider of infrastructure services, including news syndication, personalization, and content management solutions.
Denver, CO
(Acquired by TMP Worldwide, August 2002)

MakeTheMove offers individuals the opportunity to set-up, transfer, and cancel utilities such as gas, electric, and local phone; and services such as long distance and wireless telephone, cable television, Internet service providers, paging, newspapers, magazines, and more.


Message Bay, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA
(Acquired by MessageBay Asia, 2002)

MessageBay, Inc. is the number one voice ASP on the internet with over 50 million plug-ins downloaded worldwide. MessageBay provides a suite of audio-enabling java software and sevices to third parties. The company's patent pending technology can be integrated quickly into any website to enhance email, homepages, bulletin boards and photo sites. MessageBay recently launched a new site to showcase it's latest lip-synching animation technology at, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
(Nasdaq: MYPT) is a leading developer of Internet direct marketing and loyalty infrastructure. Their database-driven direct marketing service, MyPoints, is one of the most popular membership programs on the Web. MyPoints operates loyalty programs for many of the Web's biggest brands.


Ripfire, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
(Acquired by Plumtree Software, November 2001)

Ripfire's patent pending technology is the first to integrate search, personalization, categorization and marketing analytics into a single, real-time solution for ecommerce and content sites. Companies deploying Ripfire's software will experience higher ROI through increased customer retention, sell-through, and user satisfaction in addition to cost savings in software integration and licensing.


Silverpop Systems
Atlanta, GA

Formerly Avienda Technologies, Silverpop Systems provides messaging infrastructure that enables existing electronic mail systems to deliver streaming rich media, real-time data, security, and callaborative functionality.


United Messaging
West Chester, PA
(Merged with Agilera, Inc., 2002)
(Agilera acquired by BlueStar Solutions, 2003)

United Messaging provides outsourced email hosting for Fortune 500 customers.